Gil Wizen

About me

I am a naturalist with a great affection for small creatures. This is what led me to study Biology and later to focus on Entomology (the study of insects) as my main field of research. I created this website to present my inspirations and work in greater detail as well as to inspire its viewers.

Since an early age I have always been fascinated by the natural world, and I spent many days in the field, observing and collecting insects and small invertebrates. I started taking photographs of animals and plants when I was 14 years old, after I bought my first SLR camera – Olympus OM-2SP with a Tamron 90mm macro lens. Following 10 years of enjoying film photography, I decided to move into digital photography and today I mostly use Canon’s gear.

Small organisms, and arthropods in particular, display a huge diversity of interesting behaviors and adaptations for survival but they are often overlooked or worse – feared of for no good reason. I hope this site will help to show their true beauty.

* Unless indicated otherwise, all the photographs on this website are copyright protected and may not be copied or reproduced without my permission. Read my full image use policy here. All images are available for commercial licensing. Please contact me with inquiries about image permissions.