Media coverage

I am a passionate science communicator and educator. I also love using live arthropods when talking about small and misunderstood animals. Here you can find some of the media coverage of my research and other activities I’ve taken part in:

Interview about my MSc research on Epomis beetles for BBC’s Nature’s Weirdest Events, Series 5 Episode 5, “Frog-killing beetles” (June 2016):


Presenting live whip spiders to the general public at Bug Day Ottawa (September 2016):


Live interview for CP24 Breakfast promoting “Spiders: Fear & Fascination” exhibition at the Royal Ontario Museum (June 2018):


Video about my work as the senior spider wrangler at the Royal Ontario Museum’s “Spiders: Fear & Fascination” exhibition, by Curiosity in Focus (October 2018):


News article about spider venom milking at the Royal Ontario Museum’s “Spiders: Fear & Fascination” exhibition, CBC News Toronto (December 2018):


Live venom milking demonstration for CP24 Breakfast, promoting “ROM for the Holidays” and “Spiders: Fear & Fascination” exhibition (December 2018):


Live interview for CTV News at Six Toronto about “Doritos: A Suit for the Bold” spider challenge to promote the “Spider-Man: Far From Home” movie (July 2019):


Interview for Fairchild TV Toronto’s Timeline Magazine about “Bugs in our homes” (January 2021):