These are websites that I visit frequently, whenever I want to feel inspired, or when I want to learn and try something new.

Entomology and Macrophotography related:

The Smaller Majority blog – by Piotr Naskrecki

Myrmecos – insect photography by Alex wild – by Emanuele Biggi

Macro Photography in Singapore – blog by Nicky Bay

John Hallmén – check also his blog at (in Swedish) where he discusses macrophotography techniques

Rainforests Photography – blog by Paul Bertner, and excellent tips about macrophotography. His galleries are here

Clay Bolt Nature Photography

Hidden Worlds – by Paul Harcourt Davies

Meet Your Neighbours

Lily Kumpe – Insect photography from Australia. Check out her stunning field studio work

Endless Forms – photography by Ellen Woods

Javier Aznar Photograpy

She’s Got Legs – science communication and wildlife photography by Caitlin Henderson

NLwild – wildlife phoptography by Nick Volpe and Lucyna Kania

SpiderBytes – blog about spiders and spider-related research by Catherine Scott

Ibycter – blog and photography by Sean McCann

Up Close with Nature – Kurt OrionMystery’s blog

Melvyn Yeo Photography

Marco Colombo Wildlife Photography

Jen Guyton – ecology, conservation, and science communication

Tropical Herping – by Alejandro Arteaga and Lucas Bustamante

Deep Green Photography – by Greg Basco

Israel Insect World – a photographic guide to invertebrates in Israel by Oz Rittner

A Chaos of Delight – the wonderful world of soil mesofauna, by Andy Murray. Collembola, arachnids, myriapods, worms, and other often-overlooked invertebrates

Microworlds Photography – aquatic invertebrates by Daniel Stoupin

Extreme Macro the Art of Patience – John Kimbler’s photography blog

Beetles in the Bush – blog by Ted MacRae

Biodiversity in Focus – blog by Morgan Jackson


Insect art:

The Endless Swarm – one of the only blogs out there discussing insect-inspired art

Thomas Shahan – excellent macrophotographer, talented artist and salticid enthusiast

Carim Nahaboo – one of the best scientific illustrators, amazing realistic artwork

Form and Pheromone – art by Christopher Marley

Wesley Fleming glass sculptor – amazing glass artwork, including many arthropods

Glassinsetto – Beautiful glass insects by Yuki Tsunoda

Eric Keller – 3D modelling and CG animation with some of the most anatomically accurate arthropods I have ever seen


Cool stuff:

The insidious Bogleech – art and articles by Jonathan Wojcik. Monsters, parasites and little-known creatures. Don’t miss his Pokemonology page!

WeirdBugLady – handmade plush toys by Brigette Zacharczenko

Jenna Wingate Designs – squishy arthropods made of yarn! Many nice knitted caterpillar designs.

Bird and Moon comics